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HESDER BOYS & SHERUT GIRLS @ KTCAt KTC students are encouraged to "Live It", and incorporate aspects of Torah learning intotheir everyday lives. A special program was a welcomed spark to the already establishedInformal Education at the school does just that.KTC students warmly welcomed groups of Hesder Boys and Sherut Girls, who visited thecampus this week to conduct "Coffee, Cake & Convivial Learning" sessions in an informalsetting.Boys High School students explored concepts relating to "Learning versus Action,"exchanging ideas in a small group environment. High School girls were joined by Year 6students, and enjoyed lively and challenging discussions relating to "Love", the commitmentto love and how they could practically apply the learned concepts to everyday life. Mentoredby teacher and Bnei Akiva shaliach Yonatan Sinclair, the Madrichim brought theirexperience of working with Jewish youth to the sessions and generated much enthusiasmamongst the KTC students. Rabbi Dr Noteh Glogauer expressed the importance of informallearning sessions that are an extension of the KTC standard Jewish Studiescurriculum. "These one off programs add a critical dimension to the more formal classroomenvironment, inspiring both students and leaders to become involved in the learningprocess. The sessions allowed all involved to exchange ideas within a supportive andpositive framework". 


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