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The JLC Podcast

Rabbi Eisenberg has been recording the JLC Torah Podcast for the last 2 years, with short shiurim (maximum 20 minutes) on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Self-improvement ideas from the Parsha
  • Understanding the Festivals
  • Principles and Practice of Jewish Law
  • Philosophical Questions  

Over this time, the Podcast has built up a following, with some of Rabbi Eisenberg’s shiurim reaching over 120 listeners, from Sydney and around the world.

To hear a sample, see the player below.

People who wish to dedicate a shiur:

  • To the memory of a loved one
  • For the welfare of a sick person (“refuah shleimah”)
  • For the welfare of their family
  • Or simply to support, and invest in, this important mitzvah
can contact the office and sponsor a shiur from as little as $18.

On the player below you can listen to the 15 most recent shiurim on the Podcast.


Service Times &
Candle Lighting


Shacharit @ JLC:
06.10am Mon/Thurs
06.25am Tues/Wed/Fri
6.00am Rosh Chodesh & Fasts
8.00am Sundays, Public Holidays

Mincha: 15 minutes before Shkia at Bnei Maon

Maariv: 9.20pm Mon-Thurs @ JLC


8:00am: Shacharit
7.30pm: Mincha
7.53pm: Maariv

Shabbat VaYeira

16 November 2019 / 18 Marchesvan 5780

7.18pm: Candlelighting
Earliest Candle lighting
6.30pm: Mincha Erev Shabbat
6.45pm: Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv
9.00am: Shacharit
7.00pm: Shabbat Mincha followed by Seudah Shlishit
Shabbat ends

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