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The JLC seeks to continuously improve its services to its growing community. The JLC’s Beit HaLevy Synagogue membership cycle runs from July to June each year. Membership includes seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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Fee Structure for 2019//2020


Annual Membership 

 Monthly Membership













*Couple/Family membership includes membership for the whole family for the year and two seats for the Chagim. Families wishing to purchase extra seats for their children over Barmitzvah/Batmitzvah age are welcome to do so prior to the Chagim at a cost of $180 a seat. For Children under Barmitzvah/Batmitzvah seats can be purchased for $108 each.

We encourage members to sign a monthly debit order which will allow us to collect membership payments on a monthly basis. However, should you prefer, you may pay annually or quarterly in advance.

We welcome support from all community members, and rely heavily on donations from those members who benefit from the JLC’s programmes but who - for a variety of reasons - do not attend the Beit HaLevy Synagogue.

For more information or to take up membership, please contact the JLC office on 9365 5667 or


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