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Torah Mitzion Kollel

"Supported by the L. A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Israel"

"בסיוע הקרן לחינוך יהודי בתפוצות ע"ש ל. א. פינקוס, ישראל"

The aim of the Torah Mitzion Kollel programme is to strengthen Jewish commitment through learning Torah by creating a milieu in which the Torah can be learnt in an authentic, dynamic way, from committed living role models. Four Bachurim from Israel who have learnt for 5 years on a Senior level, together with their Rosh Kollel as well as a number of our Torah team and committed members of the Kehilla, participate daily in creating a Beit Midrash environment in the heart of Bondi.

The Kollel’s activities are divided into three primary areas of endeavour:

1.     Moriah College · Mornings and early afternoons are devoted to servicing the needs of hundreds of middle-school and high-school students in Moriah College in order to engage them in the atmosphere of a real Beit Midrash. They teach informal Jewish studies classes to Years 8 and 9. They are also involved in the morning Tefilla programme. They are leading members of the Department of Informal Jewish Education and run a variety of informal experiential activities, including pre-Chagim presentations, lunchtime shiurim, the BeisCafe, as well as after-school supplementary classes

2.     Bnei Akiva · Late afternoons, the boys are available to mentor and learn Chavruta-style with both Madrichim and Chanichim at Bnei Akiva, the highlight of which is BAMBA (Beit Midrash Bnei Akiva) on Thursday nights where tens of madrichim and chanichim come to learn. They reinforce the Sunday morning breakfast shiur. Additionally, they support the Madrich body of the movement providing Torah and Tzioni content for their activities, and raise the general spiritual calibre of the movement.

3.     Chavrutot at JLC · Each evening, the boys are available for 2 hours for members of the Community who wish to learn in the new purpose-designed Beit Midrash at the JLC Campus. Unlike traditional frontal learning where wisdom emanates exclusively from the teacher,  Chevruta learning has the two partners form an interactive, creative teaching-and-learning unit. Each partner is then able to tap into innate wisdom and discover that they are indeed teachers as well as students.   


Service Times &
Candle Lighting


Shacharit @ JLC:
06.10am Mon/Thurs
06.25am Tues/Wed/Fri
6.00am Rosh Chodesh & Fasts
8.00am Sundays, Public Holidays

Mincha: 15 minutes before Shkia at Bnei Maon

Maariv: 9.20pm Mon-Thurs @ JLC


8:00am: Shacharit
6.50pm: Mincha
7.20pm: Maariv

Shabbat Ha'azinu

12 October 2019 / 13 Tishrei 5780

6.46pm: Candlelighting
Earliest Candle lighting
6.30pm: Mincha Erev Shabbat
6.45pm: Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv
9.00am: Shacharit
6.30pm: Shabbat Mincha followed by Seudah Shlishit
Shabbat ends

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