About JLC

Community Profile

The Jewish Learning Centre (JLC) has a proven track record for supporting and sustaining Jewish continuity through teaching, outreach and congregational services. Under the inspirational and energetic leadership of Rabbi Davey Blackman, the JLC has operated successfully for two decades, pursuing a large range of activities which centre around six primary objectives:

  • A warm community: Our serious and meaningful approach to prayer continues to attract community members and visitors seeking warmth, community and knowledge to our Beit HaLevy Synagogue.
  • Jewish learning: Our lectures and classes which span the entire gamut of Jewish study offer something which will inspire and stimulate everyone.
  • Securing our future: The JLC has become a focal point for young adults to network, grow and learn. Reaching out: Helping train a new generation of outreach professionals, offering a valuable resource to the community.
  • An inclusive approach: Allowing and encouraging individuals to follow the ideological expression most suitable to them.
  • Welfare & Counselling: The world can sometimes be a lonely place. The JLC offers counselling and empathy, a sympathetic ear and access to Tzedakah in deserving cases.

The JLC has built an enviable reputation within the Sydney Jewish community. The varieties of services offered by the JLC in its unique way include:

  • Over 40 inspirational Shiurim (lectures) each week at the JLC’s North Bondi campus as well as a selection of “home” Shiurim‘One on one’ learning
  • Torah Mitzion Kollel (A religious Modern Orthodox Zionist mini-Yeshiva, including a formal Beit Midrash – study centre – at the JLC, as well as at Moriah College and Bnei Akiva)
  • Regular guest speakers
  • Daily minyanim, and inspiring Shabbat and Yom Tov services
  • Co-ordinated and supervised Children’s Programmes and children’s play facilities.
  • Weekly Kiddushes
  • Weekly Se’udah Shlishit for men
  • Monthly Se’udah Shlishit for women
  • High Holiday and Festival-themed events and functions
  • Counselling
  • Chessed Programmes